October 18, 2017

Coffee, coffee mugs, coffee...

Hello lovely people, Felicity here today with a layout using the Hip Kit club September kit and the sketch for the 13th October.

I absolutely love the big rectangle behind the photo and the other elements to compliment the design. I've had  my eye on this coffee mug paper from the Paige Evans turn your page collection in the Main kit  since I got the kit, that it was time to use it! (shh.. I was saving that paper for a special project.. tee hee) Perfect for the element behind the photo.

So I spend a good while, yes whilst drinking coffee as well, and fussy cut out a lot of those mugs. Oh there cute and so bold and bright. Not to mention the sentiments on a few of them. Love it :) 

To add a little depth to the page, I then used some 3D dots to make them 'jump out at you'. Who doesn't want coffee jumping at you, especially in the morning!! tee hee.  Then I went to all my embellishments in the kit and started layering them on the left of the photo to create that layer element on the sketch.

I loved mixing up the chipboard, the paper and the sticker embellishments. Just adds some real interest to the page. I then used the sewing machine to add in those faint lines on the left and the bottom of the photo. I went with a pale teal minty colour, because there was all ready a lot of colour going on, I did want to go 'over' top and make it to busy for eye.

Then to take away all the 'stark' white I decided to use some of the shimmerz from the colour kit and create some splatters. It truly finished the page off. 

All though this is a busy kind of page for me, I just love it. Not just because its all about coffee and coffee mugs!! Yes I have a bit of weakness, I love buying coffee mugs, my cupboard over flows with them. If  its not scrapping embellishments Im purchasing, its coffee mugs!! Tee hee

Here is my process video on how this came together :)

October 6, 2017



Just popping in to share a beautiful page using the September kit. I love the colour add on kits, because I love adding in mixed media to my pages. 

Mixed media is not something that has to fancy, all it means is some 'wet mediums' applied to your project. So, if you haven't tried mixed media, I would love you to try what I did. (make sure you watch my process video to see how easy it is).

Normally you would start with a gesso background which helps the page to not warp and for the mediums to  sit 'on top' and not soak into the page. This time, I didn't gesso.
 I like to experiment. 
Yes my page warped  a little, but  I just simply backed it on another piece of cardstock. 

I layer down the star stencil and then sprayed the shimmerz sprays. I started with the caribbean sunset colour first, I sprayed from a distance and then up close. 
What this does is allow for the spray to be lighter and darker creating more deminision. 
You can cover up the edges of the stencil with paper, so that the 'square' doesn't show, but I wasn't to worried. You will see why in a second. 
I then continued to layer the stencil altering between the three Shimmerz colours in the kit. Oh it looks pretty! 

Once I finished creating my background I then saw the faint square lines on the cardstock. That then gave me the idea to machine stitch around some of those lines in silver thread.  It just added more texture to the background. 

So pretty! 

Then I finished off with a few splatters of shimmerz too.
I proceed to then build my page and layer and layer and layer (tee hee).... lots of embellishments. I also decided on some subtle stamping as well from the embellishment kit. 

So grab your colour kit and just have a play with the sprays, remember it doesn't have to be hard or fancy. Just play, have fun and smile!!

Have a lovely creative week


September 29, 2017



I have a really fun layout to share using the September Hip kit club and focusing on punches!
I will be honest with you and say, that I really don't own many punches, but the punches I do own are well used!!

I was also very inspired with the squares in the 'turn your page paper 12' and wanted to feature that paper with my punches.
I simply cut up the squares and used 3 different punches. I then used the punch shape also as a feature to create the square.
A fun way is to vary how many punches you put in the square and moving the direction around. For example, punch the triangle shape towards the bottom of the square instead of in the middle. Punch four little circles in the corners.

I then embellished with 3D dots for extra depth to the page and finished off with the exclusive gold alphas around the edge.

It sure was fun to use punches and to put a little spin on basic shaped punches. Sometimes it's easy to get away from simplicity. So take simplicity and a little spin and it creates something fun! 🙌

I hope this inspires you to grab those punches out. Be sure to check my next post for my process video!

Happy creating!


September 27, 2017

pretty card.

Dont forget you have a few days left till to pop your Jot magazine moodboard creation up!!
Heres my little card I created for it!!

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

September 25, 2017

Felt bows + Project Life = cutness overload

Hello lovely people. 

I'm seriously digging the felt bows and the cut apart sheet in the Hip kit club September kit.

The best thing about the cut apart sheet is that when you cut the paper up you have cards that are 4 x 6 and 3 x 4 which are perfect fit for your project life spreads.

I also loved being able to cute the little sentiments out and using them as features on the photos. Another bonus is that because you are using the one piece of paper, everything will flow very easily, with pattern and colour.

I couldnt help but also use a few of the cards as flaps, to create extra interest and interaction and also use the paper clips in the project life kit to adhere it there.

How could I also not use the super cute felt bows a feature on my spread too.  All I used the colour kit, the shimmerz sprays, underneath the felt bows, to add a little more depth.

I just love this spread, how vibrant and easy flowing it was to create, whilst focusing on the felt bows and cut a part sheet.

Here is also my process video to see how it came together

September 20, 2017

circles and kite kinda day!

Hey there lovely people!
I'm pretty excited to share this layout today using the sketch from Hip kit club for the 15th September. How awesome is that star!

I knew me, being me, wouldn't be able to pull off a pretty grand star like the sketch. So I saved myself the grey hair and wrinkles and left it up to some other talent design members!! pst, make sure you pop by the facebook forum to see more creations on this!!

Because that 'star' can be used as large element on the page, I went with pieced together circle. It turned out way better than I expected and actually came together quiet quickly for me! I will put that down the awesome August kits!!

 Because of my photo, i flipped the sketch which then allowed me to 'place' kites in my daughter hand and how could not add a beautiful big bow?

I then contiuned with the circle theme, by adding in some of the most gorgeous exclusive wooden buttons. They are pretty!! Self adhesive too!! :)

To keep the colour following through the layout, I then added in some shimmerz splatters from the produts in the colour kit!  I then used the banner from the sticker sheet and cardstock sticker sheet to make an outline of the 'wonky' circle!! Yes, nothing is perfect with me, i will keep it taht way :) Its all about fun and documenting memories for me!

 Make sure you share your beautiful work with the sketch and pop it in the forum!! :)
Here is my process video to see how this came together :)

September 8, 2017

Black and white and bows!!

Hello lovely people! I'm pretty excited to be here today to share a fun layout using the Hip Kit club August kit.

I was pretty excited to use the colour kit again, that stencil is so pretty and the shimmerz products in the kit match so perfectly with the kit. I started off with my gesso on my background then I put some of the Daffodil yellow shimmerz and then the green Jilted jade down just scrapping it with an old card. Then I came in with the Pretty in Pink shimmerz and the stencil. I loved also that these colours all blended nicely and add little sparkle to the background.

Then I started layering my embellishments once the background had drier. Mind you, it dries pretty fast! :) I loved all the exclusive frames in the kit, so I started off with them and then add in different empheria pieces from the crate paper carosuel collection :)

Of course I had to add a little hand stitching to the side, and gold thread machine stitched around the edge.

Now can we take a moment and say 'awwww' to that fabric bow!! Im a bow kind-a-girl, so I was like a kiddo on Christmas morning when these came in the kid! Lucky there is 4 in the back :)

This truly was a fun layout to put together. Make sure to take a look at my process video :)
 Have a great creative weekend :)

September 6, 2017

A fun way to be creative.

Hello! Felicity here today with a fun bright colourful Project life page using the August project life kit.

I say it every month, I know, but I seriously love the exclusive cards, there so unique and just really make this album so special.

When I create project life spreads, I love adding little labels and the ones in the kit from pretty little studio are seriously so bright and colourful. I love cutting them in half or quarters and tucking them for extra deminison!

Now lets take a moment and say 'ahhhhh' - because look at the gold accents in the kit. The alpha and the gold on the sticker sheets! It just makes this page sparkle. See the demision in those alphas? See the colour under there? Pretty arent they!

Project Life truly is the a fun creativity way to record heaps of memories and show case heaps of photos. Its always made easy when you have fun colorful, jam packed project to work with too!! Oh I love hip kit project life kits!!